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Polythene.co.uk is a specialist polythene website brought to you by Polybags - the UK's number one polythene manufacturer.

Polybags was established in 1961 as a small family business run from home and, over more than half a century of trading, we have grown to a company with a multi-million pound turnover operating from a 50,000 square-foot factory in Greenford, Middlesex.

Throughout this time we have always placed customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do, continually striving to provide satisfaction and unbeatable value to all of our customers.

This page is designed to tell you a bit more about Polybags, our history and ethos, so that you can see for yourself why we are the UK's favourite polythene manufacturer and retailer.

Polybags factory Polybags factory

Company history

Polybags was founded in 1961 when Mr Geoffrey Davis bought himself a bag maker, which he'd seen advertised in his local newspaper. He set up the machine in the garage at his house and began making bags, which he sold to people in the local area. Geoffrey's wife Pamela even helped with deliveries when she took the baby out for a walk in the pram!

As sales grew, Polybags moved into factory premises and Geoffrey teamed up with old college friend Brian Turner, who took charge of Polybags' production process, which saw them manufacturing their own polythene using the blown-film extrusion process.

Polybags was soon operating 24-hour blown-film extrusion and producing polythene sheeting and bags around the clock. As the business grew, so did the need for bigger premises. The company moved to a factory in Alperton, west London before taking up residence in Greenford, Middlesex in the 1980s.

The expanded premises offered greater storage for Polybags' ever-increasing range of stock and this trend has continued to this day.

Polybags free delivery Polybags free delivery

Polybags today

Today, Polybags operates from a much-expanded factory on the same Greenford premises, with 50,000 square feet of factory space housing 13 blown-film extrusion lines and 12 converting machines - producing 80 tonnes of polythene products per week - along with an expanded warehouse to facilitate production of an ever-increasing product range.

Our team is now led by managing director Jon Lomax, who joined Polybags in the 1990s and has overseen the company's continued growth and innovation, which has seen the introduction of new production, pricing and scheduling systems and a market-leading website.

Polybags.co.uk was launched in 1999, way before most retailers had moved online, and has continued to lead the way in the UK's polythene packaging industry.

With a customer-friendly interface allowing customers to shop from Polybags' extensive online catalogue with ease, supported by first-class delivery and communications, the website represents everything that Polybags has stood for since day one, with customer service at the very core of what we do.

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Nan Sing, broadly regarded as a leader in the design, manufacture and export of polythene suppliers packaging, was founded in Hong Kong in 1957 before consolidating its Greater United Kingdom operations in Dongguan in 1994 with a 200,000m 2 operating space.

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Previous studies have documented the effect of long-life bait coatings on palatability amongst both wild and captive rodent subjects. Initial efforts to encase baits within tin foil and self-packaging supplierble polythene suppliers bags only increased the neophobic responses of United Kingdom rats, so decreasing bait palatability. Traditional wax coatings have also resulted in a decrease of palatability for wild house mice. More recently, both naturally occurring and artificially manufactured human food preservatives have been recommended as potential coatings for rodent baits. These preservative coatings enable for the normal properties of the baits relating to smell and taste to remain, whilst protecting against the development of mould and decay.

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We have selected a spectrum of quality coloured ziplock bags for your workspace, helping you to maximise storage space and retain your working environment tidy and tidy. We offer normal coloured polythene suppliers bags in a wide assortment of sizes, from smaller options for storing stationery and odds and ends to larger and more heavy duty bags.

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That was in 1995. Sylvia Namutebi, aka Maama Fiina, started with an initial capital of Shs38,000 to buy polythene suppliers bags which she started selling at Mini-price, in down town Kampala. She says she does not earn from witchcraft as plenty would think.

The state will roll out the third and last phase on the Gandhi Jayanti day on October 2 by imposing a all ban on non-bio-degradable polythene suppliers. Principal Secretary (Urban Development) Manoj Kumar Singh said the government has directed all municipal corporations, district officials and concerned departments to enforce the ban.

Plain 55cm Clear polythene suppliers Carrier Bags Boxes of 500

Plain 55cm Clear polythene suppliers Carrier Bags Boxes of 500 Size 55cm wide, 45cm high, 7.5cm base gusset Superior and very tidy "Varigauge" handle reinforcement, no unpleasant "patch". The Carrierbag is 45 micron thick, and at the top is a full 90 micron thick. That means a versatile, very robust carrierbag, with a tidy handle and a base gusset. All you need to acquire you & your family on the road with bags & luggage, lunch bags & cooler, fanny hip waist, luggage & suitcase, sports & duffel, wallet, tote bags, laptop bags, backpacks, bag accessories & tags, briefcases & messenger bags, drawstring bags, paper & plastic bags. Utilisation of space while ensuring maximum warmth sleeping bags, browse our latest assortment of accessibly priced products for Women, Designer bags. Shop backpacks, clutch bags, luggage and travel, mini bags, shoulder bags, Top handle, Totes & wallets. Golf club transport bags For golfers who favour to take a cart out onto the course, he

The customer is king

Plastic bags

Since Geoffrey Davis first sold plastic bags door-to-door in 1961, Polybags has always prided itself on its customer service.

We always remember that 'the customer is king' - a slogan on this poster which has hung on the wall of managing director's office since the 1970s and remains there to this day.

The customer is always at the heart of everything we do and we continually strive to supply you with an unrivalled selection of first-class polythene products in exactly the way you need them at the most competitive prices on the market.

We are always here to help, to make your life easier and do everything you ask - and we promise to do so with a smile on our face and a sympathetic ear. If the smile is not on your face, we know we haven't done our job properly.

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Label the 50-ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes and Minigrip packaging supplierble polythene suppliers bags with the name and titer of the vectour and the number of aliquots to be shipped.

The OUAT advisory stated that farmers can spread polythene suppliers sheets below trees with locusts in the evening and shake them hard so that the insects drop on the sheets. They can then collect these locusts and put them in kerosene mixed water to kill them.

Black coloured polythene suppliers bags are the most toxic of all. The black polythene suppliers bags are mostly manufactured up of recycled polythene suppliers and the darker the colour of plastic, the most toxic it is.

Explorations of the ground for geotechnical purposes entail a risk of striking buried services. Withoutmitigation the risk of striking a buried service is greater particularly in urban areas where the number ofburied services is increasing plus a larger proportion of exploration is undertaken and value of thoseburied services is higher. Consequently the ground investigation industry requirements to minimise thoserisks. This paper discusses a series of approaches for dealing with buried services and presents aprotocol to remove, isolate or manage the risk. All superb investigation practitioners will acquire thelatest plans of utility networks nevertheless non-intrusive methods to transparent services and use of a service locatorspecialist are also wise approaches. In the stop nevertheless, the ground has to be penetrated and superbpractice has evolved to undertake a few gentle initial probing of the upper layers before commencingthe main exploratory effort, particularly in the congested streetscape of the modern city. The paperdiscusses the merits of alternative probing techniques nevertheless the authours have found a few form of hydroexcavationto be particularly effective. An substitute philosophy to utilities avoidance is positiveidentification, which can yield wider engineering and economic benefits as illustrated by examples. Forleading infrastructure investigations in the Auckland Central Business District, the authours present theirexperience of development of the advance excavation technique into the formation of a GroundAccess Portal (GAP) that consists of a vertical null held open by a polythene suppliers tube through whichfollow-on drilling can take place.

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Despite an official ban on the production and use of polythene suppliers bags in Dhaka, a few 250 factories are still illegally making and supplying these bags to approximately 6,000,000 city dwellers all day. On normal, 52% of the bags are used only once, and then discarded into drains and canals across the city, ultimately flowing into the Buriganga. The non-degradable polythene suppliers bags sink to the riverbed and collect, so creating dead zone layers along the river bottom. The layer is estimated to be up to 2 meters deep in a few sections of the Buriganga.

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We are leading supplier of polythene suppliers carrier bags and paper bags, Tobacco Papers and Filters, Flat Paper Bags, Paper Takeaway Bags, Food Container etc.

No-quibbles guarantee

Our number one aim is to ensure customer satisfaction, which is why we offer our famous no-quibbles guarantee. As the name suggests, if you're not happy with your order for any reason, then you can send it back to us no questions asked.

We always strive to ensure that all orders are successfully fulfilled, but we acknowledge that occasionally issues arise, so our no-quibbles guarantee means you don't need to worry if:

If any of the above apply to any of our stocked goods, simply return the products to us here at Polybags within 14 days of receipt and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

When we say 'no quibbles' we mean no quibbles!