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Garment covers

Buy from an extensive range of best value garment covers, laundry film and dry cleaning bags to protect clothes in transit or storage.

Garment covers are…

  • Used to protect clothing during storage or transit
  • Thin layers of polythene that offer excellent protection from dust and dirt
  • Popular with dry cleaners, launderettes and clothes and costume hire shops
  • Also known as laundry bags or dry cleaning bags
  • A simple polythene cover designed to be shaped around a coat hanger
  • Designed with a large opening at the bottom, allowing you to place the cover over the clothes, with a small hole at the top so that the coat hanger can poke through and you can hang the garment up once covered
  • Dispensed off the roll and joined by a perforated seam which separates covers easily when gently pulled
  • Available in clear polythene as standard or in coloured opaque polythene with printed messages to promote your quality or professional cleaning services
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit the type of garment being covered - from 36" for standard jackets to 60" for dresses or long coats
  • Also available in bespoke lengths to suit the specific garment length you require
  • Available in a biodegradable polythene featuring a green logo to show your customers you care about the environment.
  • Available in the form of laundry collection bags, either plain or pre-printed and in a range of sizes to cater for any garment or even a duvet

What are garment covers?

Polythene garment covers protect clothing in storage and in transit, offering a protective coating from moisture, dust, dirt and other everyday contaminants.

Garment covers are great at keeping clothes clean and neat, making them a must-have accessory for dry cleaners, laundries - including those at hotels - and textile suppliers.

Although they come in many sizes and in clear, coloured, plain or printed polythene, all garment covers are made from a thin polythene film and are manufactured in a sleeve fitting. This is joined at the top with a rounded shoulder to fit over the garment on a coat hanger, with a coat hanger hole in the centre allowing the garment to be hung up.

Garment covers, also known as dry cleaning covers, are available in a range of sizes to fit whatever type of garment you wish to protect.

The term garment covers also relates to polythene covers for other items, such as duvet bags, as well as laundry carrier bags or dry cleaning carrier bags, which fit a number of garments in one bag, rather than a single item as with the standard garment cover.

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Garment covers to suit any garment

Garment covers are available off-the-shelf in a range of sizes to suit whatever garment you wish to cover. Covers are dispensed off the roll and are joined by a perforated seam that tears with a gentle tug.

Almost all garment covers are manufactured to a standard width (20/24”) which caters for the vast majority of garments. Whilst the width is fixed, garment covers are available in a range of standard lengths to fit different types of garment, from jackets to ball gowns, as detailed in the list below.

You can also order your own bespoke garment covers of any length, with the customer specifying the length at which the seams are perforated, to cover their preferred garment length.

Garment covers - standard lengths

Here is a list of standard garment cover sizes. Each of these is manufactured to a standard width of 20-24”, with varying lengths available as standard to cater for the following garments.

Size G36 (36” long, 477 covers per roll) - ideal for upper garments such as shirts, t-shirts, blouses and short/medium length skirts.

Size G48 (48” long, 358 covers per roll) - ideal for suits (both men’s and women’s), trousers, formal jackets (without tails), short overcoats, long skirts and short/medium length dresses

Size G54 (54" long, 318 covers per roll) - ideal for medium overcoats, wedding suits (including tails), formal jackets (with tails) and medium/long dresses.

Size G60 (60" long, 286 covers per roll) - ideal for long overcoats, long dresses including ball gowns and wedding dresses, cloaks and saris.

Printed garment covers

Whilst standard garment covers are made from clear film, pre-printed covers are also available on coloured film, to help dry cleaners and laundries stand out from the crowd, featuring messages such as “Professional cleaning” or “Quality cleaning”.

Pre-printed garment covers are available in a range of colours and sizes, or on a continuous roll of garment cover film (this option is also available with standard clear garment cover film).

Where to buy garment covers

Garment cover and laundry film manufacturers and suppliers include:

Laundry Bags
This excellent website is the place to buy or find out more about laundry bags and garment bags - the clear polythene sheets that offer the perfect solution to protecting clothes in storage or transit.

Garment Bags
If you're looking for garment covers of any description, then take a look at Garment Bags - the website that caters for all of your garment protection needs, complete with a comprehensive list of polythene cover manufacturers.

Polythene Laundry Bags
Looking for find out more about polythene laundry bags? Want more information on other garment covers, including a size guide and where to buy them? Head on over to Laundry-Bags and you'll get all the answers!

Clear Garment Bags
Garment Bags Direct contains lots of useful information on clear polythene garment covers, which are used by dry cleaners, laundries and hotels to protect clothes in transit.

Poly Garment Bags
If you're looking for poly garment covers or garment bags then this website is for you. Whether you need plain clear garment covers or custom printed bags, you'll find all you need at Discount Garment Bags.

Dry Cleaning Bags
For dry cleaning bags, laundry bags and garment covers at discount prices, get on over to Discount Dry Cleaning Bags - the website that meets all your garment cover needs.

Garment Covers
This website is a treasure trove of information on anything to do with garment film covers. With details of how garment covers are made and a handy size guide so that you can pick the exact covers you need, this website is a must-visit for anyone in the dry cleaning business.

Polythene Garment Bags
This website should be on the online hit-list for anyone looking to buy polythene garments bags or garment film at discount prices. Protect your clothes in transit with the right garment cover for you - and save money while you're at it!

Garment Bag
A website dedicated to garment bags - the strong, water-resistant polythene covers that protect your clothes from dry cleaners to car to home. With details of eco-friendly alternatives and a useful list of garment bag manufacturers, this website is a must-see.

Dry Cleaning Bag
The website of choice for the dry cleaning and laundry industry, with a wealth of information on the essential tools of the trade, namely a range of garment covers and every type of dry cleaning bag.

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We care about the environment and we’re doing our bit to adopt more new green solutions. One such initiative is our new option of eco-friendly biodegradable polythene suppliers garment covers. All our clients now have the option of having their fresh clean clothes returned in bio-degradable polythene suppliers as opposed to plastic. These garment covers are proven to absolutely biodegrade within 3 years as opposed to normal plastic garment covers which can take up to 40+.

Research & Resources

For more information on garment covers and laundry bags, including how they are made, who uses them and how they protect clothing and garments, please visit:

Goldstork: Browse through hand-picked information and specialist features on garment covers on this excellent and free ‘best-of-the-web’ directory. The UK’s most popular polythene packaging directory features a wide range of manufacturers who list their products for free, allowing shoppers to browse through the best specialist garment covers websites out there.

PackagingKnowledge: The online encyclopedia on all things to do with polythene packaging, providing an unrivalled information resource and detailed articles on garment covers and laundry covers.

Biodegradable garment covers

Garment covers are also manufactured in a biodegradable alternative to polythene, allowing you to provide the same standard of garment cover to your customers, whilst also showing them that you are considering the environment.

Biodegradable garment covers come in a clear film in a range of sizes, or as a continuous roll of film. They look just like regular polythene garment covers with one small exception - a small green logo placed on the cover which indicates that they are made from biodegradable material, thus demonstrating your green credentials to your customers.

As the garment covers are biodegradable, once you have finished using them, rather than dispose of them in your regular rubbish bin, you can place the garment cover in compost or soil and it will completely biodegrade over time, which means less material ending up in landfill and less of an impact on the environment.