Polythene bag manufacturing Polythene bag manufacturing

Polythene Bag Manufacturing

Polythene.co.uk is a specialist polythene website but that doesn't mean we only deal in polythene sheeting.

This website is brought to you by Polybags - the UK's number one polythene manufacturer - and, as the name suggests, we know a thing or two about polythene bags as well!

Polybags stocks over 100 million plastic bags - from carrier bags to mailing bags and everyday black bin bags to specialist waste sacks.

Any size, shape, colour or strength, we've got the polythene bags you need - and if we don't, we can make them for you.

As Polybags are manufacturers, we make all of our own plastic bags so if you have very specific bag requirements, then we can meet these for you.

What's more, the fact that there's no middleman between you and us means that your polythene bags get to you quicker and cost less. It's a win-win!

Polythene bags Polythene bags

How polythene bags are made

The manufacturing of polythene bags begins with the extrusion of polythene film, which is blown and then flattened into a layflat tube using a blown film extrusion line.

Polybags operates 13 extrusion lines around the clock to produce polythene on a 24-hour basis. Some polythene stays in the form of tubing or sheeting - see polythene film manufacturing for details - whilst the remainder is converted into polythene bags, which we focus on here.

The bag-making process begins as the polythene layflat tubing moves from the extrusion line around a series of rollers to a conversion line - or converting station - where it is treated, printed, cut and sealed in a specific way to convert into a series of a particular type of polythene bag.

Sometimes rolls of layflat tubing are wound onto the roll straight off the extrusion line and then loaded onto the beginning of the conversion line at a later time to begin the bag-making process. Either way, by the time the polythene film reaches the conversion line it has been pulled tight around the rollers to provide sufficient tension to treat, cut and seal the polythene bags.

If bags are being printed then they first pass through a treatment point to prime the surface of the polythene for printing, before passing through the printer itself.

At this stage, Polybags can customise the polythene bags with a company logo or design of your choice, printed on one or both sides of the bag. See the printed polythene bags section below for more details on our bespoke printing service.

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Custom Poly Bags

Bag-Pack manufactures high-quality, custom poly bags serving the food, lawn and garden, military, health and elegance, pet and hardware markets.

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polythene suppliers Bags

Multi purpose polythene suppliers bags. Lightweight, food safe, versatile and efficient

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polythene suppliers manufacturer BPI has announced a one third reduction of its packaging waste so of its reduction efforts of the last six years.

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Each of our clients has slightly alternative requirements for their polythene suppliers packaging. We're able to accommodate most requests to manufacture a tailored solution.

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100 Grip Seal Bags 2.25 x 3 Inch Strong Reusable Zip Lock: High quality transparent packaging supplierble polythene suppliers bags.: Polybags: Kitchen & Home

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Polybags& manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including proper-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the biggest polythene suppliers Sheets For Roofing firm in United Kingdom.

Plastic bags Plastic bags

Welds, gussets, skirts & handles

Polybags can manufacture polythene bags in any way you require to suit your specific needs. Our 12 converting machines allow us to cut, shape and seal polythene bags in all manner of ways to make them the ideal fit for your job.

Whilst you don't need to know how this process happens - we can take care of everything! - the brief guide below provides a few details for those of you interested in the bag-making process and how we convert polythene film into the widest range of bags available online.

As the polythene leaves the printing station, it is cut to the correct size for the bags in question, using either side-weld or bottom-weld production - terms that we explain below (see bullets & diagrams) along with a few others that you might come across in the polythene bag-production process.

Poly bags Poly bags

As well as being cut and welded to size, the bag-conversion process also involves cutting handles out of the bags and/or adding seals to the bags where necessary.

Bag handles are punched out of the bag by a heated tool in the same shape as the desired handle. This melts and punches through the polythene to leave a handle in each consecutive bag working its way through the conversion line.

This same method can be used to add perforation holes to the bag - usually around 6mm in size - which add ventilation to the polythene bag where required.

Carrier bags Carrier bags

Finally on the conversion line is the process of adding a seal to the polythene bags, when required. Polythene bags may close in a variety of ways, but two of the most popular seals produced by Polybags are as follows:

Printed polythene bags

If you want to take your business to the next level with quality printed-polythene packaging then you've come to the right place.

Polybags are the UK's number one provider of bespoke packaging, with the very best prices on the web and an instant quote service on both printed carrier bags and printed mailing bags - you can get an online quote in 60 seconds at any time, 24-7!

There's no better way to advertise your business than by getting your own personalised design or company logo printed directly onto your packaging.

With a smart, professional look and feel, Polybags' quality printed packaging makes an instant impact with customers and leaves a lasting impression.

Printed carrier bags Printed carrier bags

Printed carrier bags

Here are a few good reasons why Polybags is the place to come for your printed carrier bags:

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Zipper Poly Bags

zipper poly bags gusseted .

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polythene suppliers bags manufacturing machines

polythene suppliers bags manufacturing machines

Centriforce Products purchases big quantities of polythene suppliers film for use in its possess processes to make 'second-use' products for a wide spectrum of applications, both here in the UK and internationally.

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty polythene suppliers Bags (polybags)

Our high-quality transparent polybags are on offer in a wide spectrum of sizes, from big, transparent polythene suppliers bags to smaller sizes and are in three strengths from light to heavy, so you're bound to come by one that's uniform for your requirements.

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Bid Bag polythene suppliers 15 x 24 Details of Evaluation Reports

These packaging supplierble polythene suppliers bags are on offer in a assortment of sizes, making them perfect for storing small items like jewellery as well as keeping larger items secure and protected against moisture. They are easy to use with a self seal closure.

Printed mailing bags Printed mailing bags

Printed mailing bags

If you really want to impress your customers with your deliveries, get printed mailing bags with your design from Polybags today. Here are a few good reasons why:

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Personalise your packaging

Our printed packaging range doesn't stop with carrier bags and mailing bags. We print garment covers for dry cleaners, clinical waste sacks for hospitals and recycling sacks for companies trying to reduce their eco-footprint.

If you want a polythene bag of any kind printed with your own design or message, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your request. Don't forget why Polybags is the best place to come to:

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