Polythene film manufacturing Polythene film manufacturing

Polythene Film Manufacturing

Polybags is the UK's number one polythene manufacturer.

We produce all of our own polythene packaging on site in our 50,000 sq ft factory, operating 13 blown-film extruders to make the polythene and 12 converting machines to turn it into the huge range of bags and sheets that our customers need.

Polythene extrusion lines work best when they run continually, so we operate 24-hour production to ensure that the quality of your products is first rate. This round-the-clock operation also improves production capacity, allowing us to manufacture and dispatch over 80 tonnes of quality polythene packaging products every week.

What's more, 24-hour production helps us keep costs down and provides us with the flexibility to prioritise key jobs, so your order is not only at rock-bottom price but our lead times are the best in the business.

With Polybags, you can guarantee you'll be getting the best value products on the market. There is a lot of polythene packaging to choose from so, if you are new to the manufacturing process, or just interested in how things are made, our handy guide (below) will give you an good idea of what we produce, how we produce it and the various options available to you.

Of course, you don't need to learn any of this unless you want to. You can always leave the manufacturing side to us and you just choose the product you require. If you have any questions the Polybags customer service team are always on hand to help, so please get in touch.

The polythene manufacturing process The polythene manufacturing process

The polythene manufacturing process

At Polybags we make our polythene packaging through the process of blown film extrusion - one of the most common manufacturing methods, in which an extruder heats and inflates raw polymer like a tubular balloon before cooling and flattening it ready for conversion into a huge range of plastic film or bags.

The diagram below gives an overview of the polythene extrusion process, which we will outline for you here.

Silo-fed raw material

The production of plastic film and bags begins with the raw materials used - granules or pellets of polyethylene, so how these are handled is a fundamental part of the process.

Polybags has eight huge external silos which each store up to 60 tonnes of these raw materials until the extrusion process begins as they are fed from the storage silos into the extruder. The advantages of this method include:

Polythene production chain Polythene production chain

The extruder

The raw polythene materials are fed via a hopper into the extruder - a machine with a long horizontally-mounted barrel 20-30 times as long as its diameter, which contains an Archimedes screw turned by a large electric motor and is heated as it moves.

As the raw material is forced through the barrel via the screw it is melted by both the heater elements and the action of the screw. Once it reaches the end of the barrel, the molten polythene is pushed through some gauze filters and then upwards into the extruder die - which contains 2 circular steel pipes placed one inside the other with a gap of 1mm at the exit.

The polythene exits the die in a circular tube and - aided by a set of nip-rollers drawn up a tower reaching several metres above - forms a tall tubular bubble with the die at the base. Air is forced into the bubble until it reaches the required diameter whilst, at the same time, a high-speed air ring blows cold air onto the polythene to cool it down.

The film continues to cool as it is drawn up the tower, before passing through the nip rollers at the top, which flatten the polythene tube to create a layflat tube. This is then drawn through a series of rollers back down the extrusion tower, during which process it may pass through a treatment point and a printer, which can customise your polythene - most frequently when making bags - with your very own company logo or design.

At this stage, the polythene can be kept in the form of a layflat tube or it can be slit on one or both edges to produce various types of plastic sheeting products (see below). These are all wound onto a roll around a cardboard core ready for dispatch.

Polythene film products Polythene film products

Polythene film products

The layflat tube of polythene that exits the blown film extruder provides versatility as, depending on how it is cut, it can be turned into a range of polythene film products.

The diagram below provides an overview of the main polythene film products available from Polybags, which we will provide further detail on here.

Polythene sheeting Polythene sheeting

As well as these various types of polythene film, the layflat tubing that is created during the extrusion process can also be converted into a range of polythene bags. See our page on polythene bag manufacturing for more information.

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polythene suppliers Layflat Tubing 125mm x 165m 100 micron (500g)

Overview for Evident Anti-Static Bag polythene suppliers Tubing

The Anti-Static polythene suppliers Tubing is optimal for sealing computer and electronic components.

Biodegradable Waste Bags - 6x12 pcs

--> Dog Waste Bags Rose - 4x15 pcs

Turquoise Kraft Paper Carrier Bags

Eye-catching turquoise coloured paper carrier bags in a distinctive ribbed stop giving an air of luxury at a cost-effective price. Available in 3 sizes: 18 x 24cm with 8cm gusset, 24 x 32cm with 11cm gusset or 32 x 41cm with 12cm gusset. Accessory size is 90gsm, small size is 100 gsm and medium is 110. Each bag includes a robust, block bottom and white coloured twisted paper handles and interior. Suitable for any type of retailer. Packs of 50.

Grey Mailing Bags Strong Poly Postal Postage Post Mail Self Seal All Sizes Cheap Grey Mailing - £151.99

Seal Self Bags Sizes All Postage Mailing Mail Grey Poly Cheap Strong Post Postal Postage Mail Mailing Strong Poly Grey Bags Self Cheap All Seal Post Sizes Postal Grey Mailing Bags

10 X 100 Plastic Sheeting

10 x 100 plastic sheeting poly transparent black .

Elixir Gardens Clear Heavy Duty polythene suppliers Sheeting 1000g 250mu 2m x 1m

Elixir Gardens Clear Heavy Duty polythene suppliers Sheeting 1000g 250mu 2m x 1m: Business, Industry & Science. Elixir Gardens Clear Heavy Duty polythene suppliers Sheeting 1000g 250mu 2m x 1m: Business, Industry & Science. Strong hard wearing polythene suppliers sheeting. ? The sheeting is UV treated keeping it lasting longer. ? Multiple uses from in the garden, for DIY projects, in the house, and plenty other uses. ? Comes in a spectrum of lengths and colours and two alternative widths. ? The sheeting is tailour cut to your requirements. ? Size Name:1m ? Our polythene suppliers sheeting is cut to your tailored specification, this enables us to give you the optimal value for money on our sheeting.? This hard wearing transparent material is optimal for things such gravel below lay, flooring, weed control, decorating sheeting, building work sheeting, protecting house grasp products from DIY projects as well as plenty other uses.? This sheeting is protected with a UV treatment meaning the product will not discolour above time and can handle sun light exposure.? Please bear in mind this sheeting is not absolutely transparent when purchasing.? We stock our polythene suppliers sheeting in three alternative colours: Black, Clear and Black & White Co-Extruded.? We supply our sheeting in lengths of 1m to 00m and widths or 1m or m.? The sheeting will come delivered folded up.? So that we can offer the optimal potential prices we cut this product tailored from bulk rolls. Therefore once your order has been cut it cannot be cancelled or returned, as compliant with the consumer protection act 01 - part paragraph 8, sub-paragraph B.? ? ? ?

Slash Pile Poly Rolls – 6′ x 100′ 4 mil

Keep your slash piles dry for burning later in the season with our 4 mil poly slash covering. The rolls come in boxes for easy storage and transport to your worksite. These poly rolls are UV stabilised to ensure durability through the season.

Zipper Poly Bags

zipper poly bags china bag with colored slider top quart plastic storage bulk .

POLY AMERICA 03509H 9-Feet X 400-Feet .31 Mil High Density Painters Poly Film

A heavy-duty poly film tape which is transparent in colour. #320 has superb stretch qualities and is hand tearable for easy use. Designed to be applied above the hockey socks to retain shin guards in position.

Layflat tubing Layflat tubing

Types of polythene film

As the UK's number one manufacturer, Polybags can not only offer the range of polythene film products listed above, but we also offer a huge range of sizes, thicknesses and types of polythene film to meet your exact needs.

We can manufacture film from as narrow as 25mm (1") to as wide as 1.4m (55") and varying in thickness from thin 20 micron (80 gauge) film in special high melt films, through to 250 micron (1,000 gauge) heavy-duty films.

Our main types of film are listed below but please note that all film is available in a wide range of grades and colours and with blends and additives to order.

We take bespoke requests and manufacture film to a huge range of specifications so, if you have particular requirements for your polythene film, then please get in touch.

Standard Melt 2 Low Density Polythene (LDPE) - Polybags' standard film blend produces products that are easy to open or handle and are food-grade approved. Contains both an anti-blocking agent and a slip agent to help during the extrusion process. Used for: General packaging applications

High Melt 4 Low Density Polythene (LDPE) - This soft and flexible film has limited strength properties, which makes it perfect for light-duty applications and means we can produce our very thinnest films - as slender as 20 micron (80 gauge) thick. This allows us to save on the amount of film used in production, thus keeping costs down for the customer. Used for: Garment film and dust covers

Garment covers Garment covers

Low Slip Melt 1 Low Density Polythene (LDPE) - Less slippy than standard LDPE film, this blend is useful for making heavy-duty sacks and other products that will be stacked. Its higher molecular strength also makes it suitable for shrink applications. By expanding the film whilst still molten and then quickly solidifying it, the polythene structure means it contracts when heated by shrink gun or heat tunnel. Used for: Shrink films and sack applications

High Tensile Films - This blend of polymers, which include Medium Density Polythene (MDPE), provide the maximum strength to thickness ratio - i.e. films that are both strong but thin. High tensile films have a rough, crinkly feel with reduced clarity and flexibility, but the material is ideal for thin food-grade tint sheets and other tinted or coloured films. Used for: Food bags and food sheeting

Electroconductive Blends - This electrically-conductive film is designed to protect electronic components which may be sensitive to static electricity. A blend of highly-conductive carbon and Low Density Polythene (LDPE), these products can be used for everything from protecting electrical devices to storing explosive devices. Used for: Protective antistatic packaging

Metallocene Blends - Films produced with metallocene - polyethylene raw material manufactured using a metallocene catalyst - are strong and of very high clarity. The films are more expensive than regular polythene due to the cost of manufacturing metallocene but, when you see the clarity of the finished product, you'll understand why. Used for: Premium high-clarity films

Reprocessed Films - Polythene produced with recycled raw material will not produce a product as high in quality as when using virgin polymer, but the resulting film offers an eco-friendly and low-cost packaging solution. Polybags recycles whatever raw material we can and we will always offer to extrude processed film when we can, although lack of supply is often our biggest problem. Used for: Low-cost and reduced-quality products

Biodegradable film Biodegradable film

Biodegradable Film - Polybags' wide range of eco-friendly packaging is made from biodegradable film with an additive blend which provides first oxidative and then biological degradation, typically within 6 - 24 months of being placed in compost or landfill. A fantastic green alternative to regular polythene, this cost-effective, strong and recyclable film offers a superior solution to many other eco-friendly products on the market. Used for: Food waste bags, dog poo bags and other compostable packaging solutions

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This versatile automatic packaging machine has a high production capacity and is revolutionary due to its extreme flexibility. The Speedpack Hybrid is working from layflat tubing or bags-on-a-roll. It easily forms pouches in-line before they are filled, optionally printed/labelled and sealed. Above all, by utilising layflat tubing Speedpack enables you to select the perfect bag length for your product manually or automatically (ERP system integration) generating efficiency and lower material costs.

Clear lay flat polythene suppliers tubing on offer on a roll. Ideal for packing those difficult items. Just cut tube to required length, insert item then tie, heat seal, tape or staple the ends.

Bio Waste Bags

With sincerity and hard work of our professionals, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this domain by providing a superior quality gamut of Disposable Bio Waste Bags.

White Plastic Carrier Bags

Wholesale plastic carrier bags with big, big savings!

An office necessary, these White Mailing Bags will make it easy to send a big spectrum of parcels and packages! They are light, robust, heavy-duty waterproof and come with an adhesive strip to make sealing easy.

Plastic Sheeting - manufacturer, factory, supplier from United Kingdom

Gray Black Colored plastic sheeting pvc material

UVI Treated For Longer Life. 2m x 1m Monarflex 2m Wide Reinforced Strong polythene suppliers Sheeting

Monarflex 2m Wide Reinforced Strong polythene suppliers Sheeting. UVI Treated For Longer Life. (2m x 1m): Garden & Outdoors. Monarflex 2m Wide Reinforced Strong polythene suppliers Sheeting. UVI Treated For Longer Life. (2m x 1m): Garden & Outdoors. UV Stabilised For Longer Life ? 85-90% Diffused Light Transmission. Ideal For Growing ? Reinforced Mesh Grid - Tear Resistant ? Weight - 250gms ? Ideal For Around The Home, Garden and Allotment. ? 2m Wide Reinforced Strong polythene suppliers Sheeting. UVI Treated For Longer Life. Ideal For Glass Replacement, Cloches, Cold Frames. Allows 85-90% Diffused Light Transmission Which Is A Great Light For Growing. Better Than Direct Light. Strengthened With A 12mm x 12mm PET 1000 Denier Reinforcing Grid. Weight 250gsm. Gives Extra Warmth In Those Cooler Months. Protects From Wind, Rain And Pests. ? ? ?

Manufacturer and converter of poly rolls and bags. We specialise in custom size poly packaging materials and printing, focusing on quality and short lead time.

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Other bags used to transport food nevertheless do not come into direct contact with the food itself, include grocery store bags and ice cream poly bags. These poly bags are used to transport enclosed and pre-packaged food. These poly bags are also custom printed.

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Flower production uses greenhouses to optimise productivity utilising specialised plastic, films and ventilation. There are specially designed seeds acclimatised to the semi arid region. In short, all of the above are potential points of cooperation even All this is potential even with a relatively cost-effective greenhouse, like mine – which is, basically, two layers of plastic film supported by robust steel hoops (plus thermostats, a propane heater, a cooling fan and a “squirrel cage” fan to inflate Newlight Technologies LLC is preparing to expand its greenhouse gas-to-plastic manufacturing capacity by ramping air” through use of the use of AirCarbon in the extrusion, blown film, cast film, thermoforming, fiber spinning or injection molding United Kingdom's first agricultural "biodome" is manufactured from sealed layers of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), a plastic film that weighs 99 per cent that are difficult to achieve in a normal greenhouse. Sometimes employing up to five layers of You also could use greenhouse copolymer or plastic films, like you see on plenty commercial greenhouses. These come in one- and four-year grades. They can be very energy efficient if installed as two layers with a small "pillow" of air blown between them. The most charming capture the soul of the Victorian greenhouse, while doing duty as reception rooms through the roof at least, is to add solar film directly to the glazing, internally or externally. Products are on offer for both glass and . Manufacturer of heavy-duty products, electronics, greenhouse and film labels including short dash and long dash Custom manufacturer of plastic labels including 7.5 pt. green house plant labels like plant tags & tree tags uniform for printing on small Fifty years ago, one of the few reasons to proceed to the southeast corner of United Kingdom was to make a film set in the an endless sprawl of greenhouses—the biggest in the world—that locals call the Mar de Plstico, or the Sea of Plastic. Prepared by Franklin Associates for the British Chemistry Council (ACC) and the British Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), the study assessed the energy requirements and greenhouse gas can recycle polyethylene plastic film and bags. Now that you've learned how to build a raised garden bed, build a cover for it to keep safe those For frost and insect protection, cover the hoops with floating row cover material or poly film. Row covers are typically spunbonded polyester or .

Film additives

Polybags can introduce a series of additives to the polythene manufacturing process, blending them during production to give your polythene film or bags the specific properties you need.

We have a huge range of additives that we can add - so contact us if you have any queries - but here are some of the most common requests: